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The Hurst Insurance Agency is committed to providing clients with the highest quality insurance plans for single rental and commercial property.  Whether you’re shopping for your 1-4 single family rental property, apartments or even business insurance, we can help get you the best coverage available with the lowest rate possible.

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(Bundle your Rental Properties into one Policy to Save $)

Your rental properties are some of your most valuable assets. Protecting your rental portfolio with the right property and liability insurance can help you recover in the event of a fire, accident or natural disaster (and even compensate you for lost rent payments). We can help protect your rental property with individual homeowner’s insurance, or we can provide a single policy to cover all of your rental properties in one policy.  We can also help you save money by also insuring your primary residence, second homes, vacation homes, and condos. Don’t wait till it’s too late.

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Extend Liability Coverage from Primary Home to Save Money on Your Rentals

One of our best Real Estate investor insurance programs is to provide a policy to cover your primary residence and extend the liability portion of the policy from your main home to your rental properties.  The benefit of this program is that you can avoid paying for the liability component for each rental property.  This can literally save you thousands of dollars per year depending on the number of rentals you have and the best part is that still end up with the same amount of liability protection on each rental (you are simply not double paying for this coverage).

Here is an example:  We provide a typical home owners policy on your primary residence with $300k to $1 million liability coverage.  If you own rental property, we strongly suggest that you get $1m in coverage to protect yourself.   We then extend the same $300k to $1 million in liability coverage to each rental. Each extension costs approximately $15-$18.00 a year vs. buying individual liability coverage for each rental.

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Our Insurance Carriers

We shop offerings from a large number of carries to find you the most affordable insurance for your  home, auto, or business.  Below are just a few of our carriers.