Specialty Loans

loan solution - handing over keys

As a mid-sized lender, LowDownPaymentInvestorLoans.com and our parent Hurst Lending are able to find creative ways to meet our customers’ unique needs.  In some cases, we find investors with interests in specific types of investment. In others, we even lend our own money. Regardless, we take pride in finding ways to say “yes” when others say “no” due to the details of a loan.

You can look to Hurst Lending and its divisions like LowDownPaymentInvestorLoans.com to solve problems with unique lending solutions like:

  • Loans to LLCs
  • Low Down Payment Investor Loans
  • Investor Loans with No PMI
  • Residential Bridge Loans – when you don’t want to move twice, or you need the equity from your old home (still on the market) before you can buy
  • Divorce Home Loan program – when you want to buy, but the divorce isn’t final
  • Jumbo loans with 10% down
  • 4 loan programs for self-employed buyers, depending on your situation
  • Loan programs for foreign nationals moving to the US, and for returning expats without recent US credit history
  • Mortgages just one year after a short sale for qualifying applicants
  • FHA construction loans with only 3.5% down
  • One-time close VA construction loans with 0% down
  • Rural homes and ranches for property up to 400 acres. Outbuildings and agricultural facilities are ok.
  • Non-warrantable condo loans

If you have a lending need not specified here, please call us at 877-292-7350 or contact us online. We have a wide range of investors who may be able to help.